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Ever take an UBER? You will want to check out these 7 tips to keep you safe!

If you ever take an UBER you will want to check out these 7 tips to keep you safe!

This Video also explains how to stay safe when taking an UBER:

Sometimes we get information from the strangest places. On that note, I had a dream the other night. It was a very upsetting dream about getting into a car. It was an unknown person who was driving me, so I’m assuming it was an Uber, or something like that. I told this person where I wanted to go, and when we got to the destination they did not drop me off there.

LOIS Does Uber! How to Stay Safe When You Take a Ride in an Uber
LOIS Does Uber! How to Stay Safe When You Take a Ride in an Uber

It was very scary! I remember waking up and being really upset, and thinking that this person was going to do something horrible to me. So every morning when I wake up I look at news articles, and what’s going on in the world, and I found this article by The Atlanta Journal. It says “Taking Uber or Lyft? Read These Seven Safety Tips Before Getting In A Car.

Apparently there was a woman who was sexually assaulted by this Uber driver. He allegedly assaulted the woman. Three counts of rape. So it must have been a pretty bad situation. This happened in Boston. He picked her up and took her to a location that wasn’t the location that she had on the app. So I think that’s a really important point is that if your deviating from your route, much like in my dream, that could be a signal that something’s wrong.

There are tips you can use to make your UBER ride safer:

  1. Confirm the name and driver and make of the vehicle, and make sure that in coincides what’s in the Uber app.
  2. Also you can check the driver’s rating. Again, this would be in the Uber app or the Lyft app.
  3. Share your trip details with friends or family. This is really important, and I actually did a video a couple months ago about how to do that with the UBER app. You can check that out HERE!
  4. Another tip is to avoid riding in the front seat. Apparently there is women who are being assaulted in the front seat, which is horrible
  5. Follow along in your own maps to make sure that they are going the right way. Don’t just look at the Uber app on your phone!
  6. Travel in groups when possible. Personally I’ve never taken an Uber by myself, I don’t think I ever would. It’s always good to travel in groups whenever possible.
  7. Trust your GUT! That’s the most important tip of all. I think having that awareness and trusting yourself is highly important. If you even have the slightest inclination that something’s wrong don’t get into that car. Order another one. Tell them that you have to run back in the house, or you forgot your friend, or something. Make something up, get out of the situation!

Obviously this is scary stuff, but it’s really good to be aware and everybody should practice situational awareness every day. Again, trust your gut. We have these inside feelings for a reason. We have intuitions for a reason, so use them stay safe!

If you like the LOIS safety blog, check out the other articles and tips HERE. Additionally, the LOIS Safety System is dedicated to keeping you aware, alert and away from potentially harmful situations. Learn more HERE.

How To Use Pepper Spray from the LOIS Safety App

How To Use Pepper Spray! LOIS Safety App Tip of the Week!

Have you ever wondered how to use pepper spray? While this is a common safety tool, many of us don’t know how it really works.  In this blog post, “How To Use Pepper Spray!”,  we will explain how. Here are some tips on how to use it as well as how to do this safely!

The first step is to purchase your pepper spray and remove it from its package. You can find some inexpensive versions on Amazon HERE. The spray should be in the ‘off’ position when you take it out of the packaging. Make sure you NEVER point the nozzle towards you while handling the spray.

How to use pepper spray
How to use pepper spray

Next, test the pepper spray to make sure it’s working. Turn the nozzle to the ‘on’ position. Do not point the nozzle towards you! Extend your arm as far as possible and spray and spray a little bit on to the ground. The spray will come out and that way you know it’s working.  Try again if the spray doesn’t work and if that fails manufacturer or store where it was purchased.

Finally, switch the nozzle to the ‘off’ position and store the spray in your purse, car, bedside table or carry it with you! Some models come with a key chain ring so you can keep it on you always.

Remember…point the spray towards their face on spray if you are ever approached by an attacker! However, make sure you NEVER move towards your attacker or become aggressive with them. The trick is to immobilize them and get out of there! You can also yell and draw attention to yourself while you get away. Contact the police as soon as you are sure you are in a safe place.

While most of us hope we never have to use something like pepper spray, it’s a great tool to have in your safety arsenal. Sometimes just having it and pointing it at an attacker is enough to get them to stay away!

Lastly,  in mind situational awareness is key in any scenario and it’s the best way to keep yourself safe! We hope you enjoyed How To Use Pepper Spray  by LOIS Safety App Tip of the Week. Sign up for emails from this blog for weekly updates!



Realtor Safety- Could This Crime Have Been Prevented?

Realtor Safety Alert:

Realtor safety is always a main topic for the LOIS Safety App blog. It’s a sad fact but Realtors put themselves in danger every day on the job! As a recent example,  a Realtor who was sexually assaulted in Idaho.  It’s unfortunate but this happens much to often in the Real Estate community. The news article describing the event states:

“A Boise man is behind bars, accused of sexually assaulting a Realtor in Meridian Wednesday night.

realtor safety
Realtor Safety

Meridian Police say the Realtor had shown the suspect, Ertan Ikic, and his wife several other homes in the past, but this time it was just him. He came alone.

So what can Realtors do to try to stay safe?”. The article goes on to say.  “We spoke with Danielle Cullip with Silver Hawk Realty to find out how they’re trained.

“Everyone does it it every day,” said Cullip. “We go out and we’re out to show a home and we’re ready to sell. It’s all about that instinct.”

Oftentimes, Realtors are alone with a prospective buyer in an empty house, making them vulnerable.

“You really don’t know these people,” said Deputy Chief Tracy Basterrechea with the Meridian Police Department. “You know them on a very limited basis when they’re showing you their best behavior. They’re potential buyers they want to show you they’re good people.”

Obviously this is a horrible case of what can happen to Realtors on the job. There are ways to protect yourself, however including getting the clients information, telling someone where you are and using the LOIS Safety App.

Hopefully this awareness will spread and Realtors everywhere will become safer on the job as a result!

Date Rape Drugs: How to Protect Yourself!

Date Rape Drugs: How to Protect Yourself!

The issues of sexual assault and date rape are serious. Date rape is common on college campuses. It is present in the dating scene and also in everyday life. Date rape is the same as a rape that occurs with a stranger. The impact on the victim is the same. In fact in some cases it might be worse. On some level they trusted this person. It’s an unfortunate fact of life… Some people desire to pray on others. However, there are ways to keep this from happening to you!

While it may be impossible to eliminate date rape completely, there are solutions and proactive tools out there that can help mitigate this risk. One of these tools is called Undercover Colors, a nail polish that changes color when placed in a drink with a date rape drug! How great is that?! Their website describes the product. They state the following:

“wearable nail tech that identifies the presence of common date rape drugs in a variety of beverages through color change”.

Also, the company states the problem:

 “One in 6 women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime. This unthinkable problem has reached epidemic levels on college campuses”. 

Undercover Colors is providing a unique answer to this problem.

And the solution is:

“The only perfect solution to drug induced sexual assault is ending it altogether. As we all work toward that ideal, Undercover Colors’ technology provides wearable protection at your fingertips. Simply dip your finger into a verified beverage and within seconds the presence of prevalent date rape drugs will be identified in color change”.

At this time, Undercover Colors is in the development stage of their product. Hopefully this modern technology will be available for everyone very soon! In the meantime, situational awareness is key! Don’t allow anyone to buy you a drink. Don’t leave your drink unattended.  Also, if you feel unsafe, contact the bar manager or bartender immediately. Your life may depend on it!

In addition, the LOIS Safety System blog is dedicated to educating the public. We are passionate about education on safety issues and topics. Our goal is to make the world a safer place for everyone!


Creating LOIS Safety Software System

Read the whole story on Creating LOIS Safety Software System and watch the video clip, below, filmed by @Ground+swell!

As the founder and CEO of the LOIS Safety System, I’m often asked what prompted me to create the software in the first place. Although it’s been documented elsewhere, I have never really explained in detail what happened to me and how it has lead to the invention of LOIS.

I have been in the real estate industry for 13 years. I am a licensed realtor in Michigan as well as a broker in the state of Florida. Four years ago I had decided to move to Florida full time and work on my brokerage. I was excited to be in a new area and embarking on growing my real estate business.

One of the first potential clients I came into contact with was a gentleman who called our office asking about townhomes in Satellite Beach, FL. He seemed to be interested in one in particular and had asked to see it that same day. At the time it was only myself and my partner working for my brokerage. We had no established safety policy in place. I decided to meet with this potential client later in the day. I set up the appointment to show the property and found out it was vacant.

I remember asking my male counterpart to please go with me on the appointment but he had other obligations so was not able to accompany me. So I set off for the showing. Of course I was excited about the prospect of a sale and was not really thinking in terms of safety. I showed up at the showing and saw a man get out of a very beat up looking car. The townhome was in the $400k price range so this was my first clue something might be off. But, you can’t judge a book by its cover so I proceeded to greet him and open the lockbox on the door. While I was doing so he was talking to me and kept repeating himself. He kept asking me if the property was a townhome and what the taxes were. I answered but the hair on the back of my neck stood up. Something inside of me was telling me there was something off about this individual.

I lead the man into the townhome and stayed behind him the whole time. I kept the door open and did not go upstairs with him. He kept asking me to come upstairs but I said that I had a bad back and couldn’t make it up there. He continued to ask the same questions and then started on a rant about his ex-wife. This is when I knew that I could be in serious trouble. I told him the owners would be back soon, even though the house was vacant and obviously staged, in the hopes he would want to leave right away.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he followed me outside to my car, still repeating nonsensical things about his ex-wife and the taxes on the condo. He also smelled like alcohol. He did not let me into my car and was standing very close to me and asked me if there were any other townhomes where we could ‘go inside’ in the neighborhood. I told him yes just to get him to let me into my car and told him to meet me at an address down the street. Once there I was able to call him and tell him that the owners would not let us do the showing and that we could have to come back. I sped off and never looked back.

Once back safely at my office, I looked up this man online. He had a police record for drunk driving as well as assault. I was traumatized and had a friend stay with me that night. I realized that no one knew where I was, who I was meeting, and when I was supposed to be done with the showing. If that man had decided to assault me in some way, I may have not been found for some time. Especially since the house was vacant. This incident prompted me to look for a software application that could track my whereabouts when out with strangers, often in empty homes or buildings. I didn’t find anything that could help me, so I decided to create it!

Often times the worst situations in our lives give birth to the most amazing ideas. I am grateful every day that I was not harmed in that situation. But I know others have not been so lucky. It is my mission to make LOIS the most comprehensive safety application available and to help anyone who might feel unsafe in any situation, especially while out trying to make a living. In doing so, I hope to make this world that much safer and give people a greater piece of mind.

LOIS Safety Software Founder is interviewed by @Ground+swell!

LOIS Safety Software founder, Avery Piantedosi is interviewed by Groundswell C.E.O, LOIS Safety SoftwareJenna Buehler about the pre-launch of LOIS. The interview was done a few months ago but has relevant information regarding LOIS, what it’s like to be a startup on the Space Coast of Florida, and Groundswell, a high tech incubator located in Central Florida.

Groundswell is a community of startup catalysts who work with entrepreneurs to navigate the challenges of starting and building early-stage companies. Our goal is to help grow companies, provide access and introductions to funding sources, generate jobs, and help the Space Coast startup ecosystem realize its vast potential as one of the world’s most concentrated clusters of engineers and scientists. Enjoy!

LOIS Safety Software Founder Wins InnovateHER Pitch Competition!

20151120_204352LOIS personal safety application founder Wins InnovateHER Pitch Competition! MELBOURNE, FLA. — weVENTURE, the Central Florida-based organization focused on the entrepreneurial needs of women and powered by Florida Institute of Technology, recently hosted two InnovateHER Pitch Competitions in coordination with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), Microsoft and Ground+swell.Avery Piantedosi of Melbourne and Frances Titus of Orlando won the competitions.

Piantedosi is the founder of “LOIS,” a safety app originally developed for female Realtors. After having a frightening personal experience showing a town home to an aggressive client, Piantedosi saw the need to create a mobile, personal safety app that would automatically notify police and loved ones of immediate danger.

Earth’s Love Tea Co. produces instant tea to increase milk supply in nursing women. Company founder Frances Titus worked with formulator Emily Ruff, director of the Florida School of Holistic Living, to create this innovative new product. The instant tea consists of traditional Galactagogue herbs that have been used throughout history to increase milk supply in nursing women.

Supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration, the 2016 InnovateHER pitch competition focuses on services and products that have a positive impact on the lives of women and families. In line with this year’s theme, of ideas that impact women and families, each competing business must have a measurable impact in that area, as well as have the potential for commercialization and be able to fill a need in the marketplace.

At each competition, there were 10 presenting finalists. The winner of each competition, selected by a group of independent judges, is now in the running to be selected by the SBA to compete for national awards and prize money totaling $70,000 in Washington, D.C., at the national InnovateHER Finals on March 17, co-sponsored by Microsoft.

“At weVENTURE, we are focused on providing the calibrated tools, insights and resources our clients need to create and sustain sustainable growth,” said weVENTURE Executive Director Beth Gitlin. “Events like InnovateHER highlight the incredible outcomes these clients are able to achieve.”

Gitlin added that she is confident that Piantedosi and Titus will set a strong example for other women seeking to start and grow their own innovative businesses in Central Florida.

“LOIS is going to potentially save lives,” Piantedosi said. “Today, 70 percent of attacks that happen during real estate transactions are against women. But there are many that will benefit from it. I look forward to bringing this new app to the masses.”

Titus added, “The impact weVENTURE has had on me personally and on my business in a short amount of time is profound. I am more focused. I have the weVENTURE team to thank for this honor.”

“Winning this competition has given me the validation I needed to move forward with great confidence,” she said.

Originally posted by WeVENTURES Woman’s Business Center at Florida Tech.