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Realtor Safety- Could This Crime Have Been Prevented?

Realtor Safety Alert:

Realtor safety is always a main topic for the LOIS Safety App blog. It’s a sad fact but Realtors put themselves in danger every day on the job! As a recent example,  a Realtor who was sexually assaulted in Idaho.  It’s unfortunate but this happens much to often in the Real Estate community. The news article describing the event states:

“A Boise man is behind bars, accused of sexually assaulting a Realtor in Meridian Wednesday night.

realtor safety
Realtor Safety

Meridian Police say the Realtor had shown the suspect, Ertan Ikic, and his wife several other homes in the past, but this time it was just him. He came alone.

So what can Realtors do to try to stay safe?”. The article goes on to say.  “We spoke with Danielle Cullip with Silver Hawk Realty to find out how they’re trained.

“Everyone does it it every day,” said Cullip. “We go out and we’re out to show a home and we’re ready to sell. It’s all about that instinct.”

Oftentimes, Realtors are alone with a prospective buyer in an empty house, making them vulnerable.

“You really don’t know these people,” said Deputy Chief Tracy Basterrechea with the Meridian Police Department. “You know them on a very limited basis when they’re showing you their best behavior. They’re potential buyers they want to show you they’re good people.”

Obviously this is a horrible case of what can happen to Realtors on the job. There are ways to protect yourself, however including getting the clients information, telling someone where you are and using the LOIS Safety App.

Hopefully this awareness will spread and Realtors everywhere will become safer on the job as a result!