why dogs keep you safe

Why Dogs Keep You Safe! Check Out This List Of Reasons Your Best Friend Is Also A Safety Asset

Why dogs keep you safe!

As most people know,dogs are amazing creatures.  They are man’s best friend. Also,they fill your life with love, joy and playfulness. They can also add a layer of protection for you and your family. Many dog owners know this and add protection to the long list of why dogs keep you safe. There are several reasons dogs are protective but the list below sums up a few of the more important ones!

why dogs keep you safe
Why dogs keep you safe from the LOIS Safety Blog

Dogs are loyal and will defend you to the death! Most dogs would attack and intruder or aggressor. They are pack animals and tend to guard other members of the pack – YOU!- with amazing loyalty. This is one wonderful way dogs keep you safe.

Another way dogs keep you safe is they are very fast! Dogs can run and chase away a would-be predator. Just the sight of a dog charging at them would scare most people away and have them heading for cover!

In addition, dogs have vice like jaws and sharp claws. This speaks for itself and comes into play if someone were to attack their owner.

And finally, the barking can help keep people away. A dog’s barking can be just the thing to get the bad guy to leave. Most burglars for example would rather attempt to rob a house with an alarm system than with a dog!

To sum it up, dogs can increase your level of protection while adding a wonderful companion to your life. If you are considering getting a dog please keep these factors in mind. Not only are they wonderful creatures but they will be loyal and protect you no matter what.

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