Online Dating

Online Dating Safety Tips- Staying Safe while Having Fun!

Online Dating Safety!

We all know someone who has tried online dating. Perhaps you are online dating yourself and wonder how safe it is. Or maybe you haven’t thought about it at all. As fun and exciting as meeting prospects can be, keep in mind you are meeting someone you don’t really know. This article will give you four online dating safety tips that might help keep you out of a sticky – or harmful! – situation. Whether you are on an app such as Tinder or Bumble, or have tried a website such as or E-harmony, the same rules apply!

Online Dating
Online Dating Should Be Fun AND Safe!

Tip 1: Get the phone number of your date. While this might seem obvious, it’s surprising how many online daters don’t have this basic information. Why is having the number important? It will qualify your date to some degree and let you know that the person you have met online is actually the person you are talking to. Sure having the persons cell phone might not guarantee this person is legit, but it’s one step closer to qualifying them.

Tip 2: Meet in a public place. This is really essential. Given that this person is a complete stranger, you don’t want them picking you up at home and you don’t want to meet them in a private place, such as their home. You are risking your personal safety if you allow a stranger to know where you live. Perhaps the first meeting could be at a coffee house or a local lunch place during the day. If you have to meet at night, find a spot you are comfortable with in an area you are familiar with. This will help you feel more comfortable and allow you to leave the situation easily if you choose to.

Tip 3: Do a background check. While this might seem severe, you would be surprised how many people could have benefited from this step. There are several background check websites and app’s and some are free. Although a background check won’t give you the entire picture, it should give you enough information to know if this person is lying about or hiding something from you. This behavior is a good indication that this is NOT a person you want to be meeting with!

Tip 4: Tell a friend or family member who and when you are meeting. This added layer of protection is essential. Someone close to you should know that you are meeting a potential prospect and, ideally, be ‘on-call’ in case you need help.

Online dating can be safe and fun and you might even meet your soulmate! This does not have to come at the cost of your personal safety, however. I hope these tips were useful and give you that much more personal protection when meeting YOUR next online date!  You can also use a safety app such as LOIS on your next online date!