Are You Prepared For Hurricane Season?

Are You Prepared For Hurricane Season?

Ever lived through a hurricane? I live in Florida and hurricane season started a month ago. We’ve been having rain everyday since then which isn’t atypical. It seems like it started a bit early this year. But last year, as many people know, we had hurricane Matthew blow through Florida and up the coast. It was a pretty catastrophic hurricane. Had it hit, I know that my house would have been underwater and a lot of other people would have been underwater as well and it wouldn’t have been a good scene!

Are You Prepared For A Hurricane?
Are You Prepared For A Hurricane?

So I wanted to point to a website that people can go to if you’re in a region that has hurricanes. It’s the National Hurricane Center website. The site has basic information on what’s going on with tropical storms, cyclones and hurricanes. It has a map and it will show you models of the storm system and what’s going on. It will give you the models and it will tell you what the category of the storm is and how intense it is.

I also suggest looking at the hurricane preparedness page on the same site. It’s got information for you to refer to and think about when you’re in a situation where you may have to evacuate. You may have to get some supplies and have a plan! I also wrote a post about having a bug-out bag which, if there’s any type of disaster, not just a hurricane, is something you can grab and go.

I had to evacuate last year for the first time. I’d never experienced that before. It was quite an ordeal. So I just want to draw your attention to this, not to scare anyone but just be aware, be alert. We do have a lot of planetary changes going on and you just always have to be aware of what’s going on around you at all times!


What To Put In Your Emergency “Bug Out” Bag

What To Put In Your Emergency “Bug Out” Bag

Do you need an emergency or “bug out” bag? There’s a lot going on the planet. We have to worry about earth changes, weather anomalies and other dangers. As a resident of Florida, I know this all too well. We had a huge hurricane almost hit us last year, Hurricane Matthew. Thankfully it deviated a little bit to the West back into Atlantic but had it hit land it would have been the largest hurricane in Florida history.

That experience was a huge eye opener for me. We must worry about weather anomalies, what’s happening with our sun, all the CMEs and climate change. Everything in our solar system that’s happening right now is accelerating and it’s affecting us and it’s affecting our weather.

Find Out What To Put In Your Bug Out Bag
Find Out What To Put In Your Bug Out Bag

Based on this reality, I believe it’s a good idea to be prepared and have an emergency kit to grab if you had to. There are a lot of things you can include in terms of What To Put In Your Emergency Bug Out Bag. I’ve listed a few to get you started:

  1. Water Filtration: The first thing that I have is a LifeStraw.  This handy and portable device will turn any water into drinkable water. It reduces all the bacteria, 99.999%! You could literally go into a muddy pool of water, open up this LifeStraw and start drinking. You can also use Iodine pills which will purify water as well. Both are a great option and I have both in my bag.
  2. Short Wave Radio: This is great if you can’t rely on the television, internet or radio stations for your information. Most come with battery back ups and some even come with solar power.
  3. Maps: I carry maps in my car and my emergency bag. In today’s modern era most people don’t even know how to use a map! If something were to happen to the grid, for example, GPS would be knocked out and you would have to rely on other sources of direction.
  4. Emergency Candles/ Waterproof Matches:  These are invaluable in the case of an emergency. It’s also a good idea to include a fire starter as a backup just in case.
  5. Compass: In addition to maps a compass will help you navigate if there is no one around to give directions or if the GPS is down.
  6. Starter Logs/ Cooking Stoves: I also have starter logs to start a fire as well as a Coleman cooking stove. Make sure you get several refills of propane for your stove. I also have a Sterno folding stove. which is a little bit more portable, along with cooking fuel.
  7. Mylar blankets for insulation or if someone were to experience hypothermia.
  8. Medical Kit: A medical kit is a good addition to any emergency bag and something you could keep in your vehicle always. Some of the items I include:  Betadine solution, burn gel, Benadryl, bandages, pain medication such as Advil and medicine for an upset stomach. You will also want to remember any prescription medications or devices you or your family needs daily.
  9. Emergency Food Supply: Emergency food is generally something that you can of grab and go and does not need refrigeration. You should consider some great options such as trail mix, dried fruit, protein bars and even MRE’s (or Meals Ready To Eat). You can also eat uncooked oatmeal, believe it or not! There are many other options in this category but these are few basics to think about.
  10. Extra Water: You should always have a lot of water stored up and can transport it if needed.

Obviously, a grab bag is not intended to last you for months or years. This is supposed to be something that can get you by in an emergency. These are just the basics! There are many resources available for further research (I’ve posted several links at the end of this article). Start simple and remember that ANY level of preparedness is better than none! This is not supposed to alarm people. Disaster prep is something that everyone can, and should, do.

Further Resources:

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

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Emergency Food Storage

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Ever take an UBER? You will want to check out these 7 tips to keep you safe!

If you ever take an UBER you will want to check out these 7 tips to keep you safe!

This Video also explains how to stay safe when taking an UBER:

Sometimes we get information from the strangest places. On that note, I had a dream the other night. It was a very upsetting dream about getting into a car. It was an unknown person who was driving me, so I’m assuming it was an Uber, or something like that. I told this person where I wanted to go, and when we got to the destination they did not drop me off there.

LOIS Does Uber! How to Stay Safe When You Take a Ride in an Uber
LOIS Does Uber! How to Stay Safe When You Take a Ride in an Uber

It was very scary! I remember waking up and being really upset, and thinking that this person was going to do something horrible to me. So every morning when I wake up I look at news articles, and what’s going on in the world, and I found this article by The Atlanta Journal. It says “Taking Uber or Lyft? Read These Seven Safety Tips Before Getting In A Car.

Apparently there was a woman who was sexually assaulted by this Uber driver. He allegedly assaulted the woman. Three counts of rape. So it must have been a pretty bad situation. This happened in Boston. He picked her up and took her to a location that wasn’t the location that she had on the app. So I think that’s a really important point is that if your deviating from your route, much like in my dream, that could be a signal that something’s wrong.

There are tips you can use to make your UBER ride safer:

  1. Confirm the name and driver and make of the vehicle, and make sure that in coincides what’s in the Uber app.
  2. Also you can check the driver’s rating. Again, this would be in the Uber app or the Lyft app.
  3. Share your trip details with friends or family. This is really important, and I actually did a video a couple months ago about how to do that with the UBER app. You can check that out HERE!
  4. Another tip is to avoid riding in the front seat. Apparently there is women who are being assaulted in the front seat, which is horrible
  5. Follow along in your own maps to make sure that they are going the right way. Don’t just look at the Uber app on your phone!
  6. Travel in groups when possible. Personally I’ve never taken an Uber by myself, I don’t think I ever would. It’s always good to travel in groups whenever possible.
  7. Trust your GUT! That’s the most important tip of all. I think having that awareness and trusting yourself is highly important. If you even have the slightest inclination that something’s wrong don’t get into that car. Order another one. Tell them that you have to run back in the house, or you forgot your friend, or something. Make something up, get out of the situation!

Obviously this is scary stuff, but it’s really good to be aware and everybody should practice situational awareness every day. Again, trust your gut. We have these inside feelings for a reason. We have intuitions for a reason, so use them stay safe!

If you like the LOIS safety blog, check out the other articles and tips HERE. Additionally, the LOIS Safety System is dedicated to keeping you aware, alert and away from potentially harmful situations. Learn more HERE.

Why Dogs Keep You Safe! Check Out This List Of Reasons Your Best Friend Is Also A Safety Asset

Why dogs keep you safe!

As most people know,dogs are amazing creatures.  They are man’s best friend. Also,they fill your life with love, joy and playfulness. They can also add a layer of protection for you and your family. Many dog owners know this and add protection to the long list of why dogs keep you safe. There are several reasons dogs are protective but the list below sums up a few of the more important ones!

why dogs keep you safe
Why dogs keep you safe from the LOIS Safety Blog

Dogs are loyal and will defend you to the death! Most dogs would attack and intruder or aggressor. They are pack animals and tend to guard other members of the pack – YOU!- with amazing loyalty. This is one wonderful way dogs keep you safe.

Another way dogs keep you safe is they are very fast! Dogs can run and chase away a would-be predator. Just the sight of a dog charging at them would scare most people away and have them heading for cover!

In addition, dogs have vice like jaws and sharp claws. This speaks for itself and comes into play if someone were to attack their owner.

And finally, the barking can help keep people away. A dog’s barking can be just the thing to get the bad guy to leave. Most burglars for example would rather attempt to rob a house with an alarm system than with a dog!

To sum it up, dogs can increase your level of protection while adding a wonderful companion to your life. If you are considering getting a dog please keep these factors in mind. Not only are they wonderful creatures but they will be loyal and protect you no matter what.

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How To Use Pepper Spray from the LOIS Safety App

How To Use Pepper Spray! LOIS Safety App Tip of the Week!

Have you ever wondered how to use pepper spray? While this is a common safety tool, many of us don’t know how it really works.  In this blog post, “How To Use Pepper Spray!”,  we will explain how. Here are some tips on how to use it as well as how to do this safely!

The first step is to purchase your pepper spray and remove it from its package. You can find some inexpensive versions on Amazon HERE. The spray should be in the ‘off’ position when you take it out of the packaging. Make sure you NEVER point the nozzle towards you while handling the spray.

How to use pepper spray
How to use pepper spray

Next, test the pepper spray to make sure it’s working. Turn the nozzle to the ‘on’ position. Do not point the nozzle towards you! Extend your arm as far as possible and spray and spray a little bit on to the ground. The spray will come out and that way you know it’s working.  Try again if the spray doesn’t work and if that fails manufacturer or store where it was purchased.

Finally, switch the nozzle to the ‘off’ position and store the spray in your purse, car, bedside table or carry it with you! Some models come with a key chain ring so you can keep it on you always.

Remember…point the spray towards their face on spray if you are ever approached by an attacker! However, make sure you NEVER move towards your attacker or become aggressive with them. The trick is to immobilize them and get out of there! You can also yell and draw attention to yourself while you get away. Contact the police as soon as you are sure you are in a safe place.

While most of us hope we never have to use something like pepper spray, it’s a great tool to have in your safety arsenal. Sometimes just having it and pointing it at an attacker is enough to get them to stay away!

Lastly,  in mind situational awareness is key in any scenario and it’s the best way to keep yourself safe! We hope you enjoyed How To Use Pepper Spray  by LOIS Safety App Tip of the Week. Sign up for emails from this blog for weekly updates!



Online Dating Safety Tips- Staying Safe while Having Fun!

Online Dating Safety!

We all know someone who has tried online dating. Perhaps you are online dating yourself and wonder how safe it is. Or maybe you haven’t thought about it at all. As fun and exciting as meeting prospects can be, keep in mind you are meeting someone you don’t really know. This article will give you four online dating safety tips that might help keep you out of a sticky – or harmful! – situation. Whether you are on an app such as Tinder or Bumble, or have tried a website such as or E-harmony, the same rules apply!

Online Dating
Online Dating Should Be Fun AND Safe!

Tip 1: Get the phone number of your date. While this might seem obvious, it’s surprising how many online daters don’t have this basic information. Why is having the number important? It will qualify your date to some degree and let you know that the person you have met online is actually the person you are talking to. Sure having the persons cell phone might not guarantee this person is legit, but it’s one step closer to qualifying them.

Tip 2: Meet in a public place. This is really essential. Given that this person is a complete stranger, you don’t want them picking you up at home and you don’t want to meet them in a private place, such as their home. You are risking your personal safety if you allow a stranger to know where you live. Perhaps the first meeting could be at a coffee house or a local lunch place during the day. If you have to meet at night, find a spot you are comfortable with in an area you are familiar with. This will help you feel more comfortable and allow you to leave the situation easily if you choose to.

Tip 3: Do a background check. While this might seem severe, you would be surprised how many people could have benefited from this step. There are several background check websites and app’s and some are free. Although a background check won’t give you the entire picture, it should give you enough information to know if this person is lying about or hiding something from you. This behavior is a good indication that this is NOT a person you want to be meeting with!

Tip 4: Tell a friend or family member who and when you are meeting. This added layer of protection is essential. Someone close to you should know that you are meeting a potential prospect and, ideally, be ‘on-call’ in case you need help.

Online dating can be safe and fun and you might even meet your soulmate! This does not have to come at the cost of your personal safety, however. I hope these tips were useful and give you that much more personal protection when meeting YOUR next online date!  You can also use a safety app such as LOIS on your next online date!

Realtor Safety- Could This Crime Have Been Prevented?

Realtor Safety Alert:

Realtor safety is always a main topic for the LOIS Safety App blog. It’s a sad fact but Realtors put themselves in danger every day on the job! As a recent example,  a Realtor who was sexually assaulted in Idaho.  It’s unfortunate but this happens much to often in the Real Estate community. The news article describing the event states:

“A Boise man is behind bars, accused of sexually assaulting a Realtor in Meridian Wednesday night.

realtor safety
Realtor Safety

Meridian Police say the Realtor had shown the suspect, Ertan Ikic, and his wife several other homes in the past, but this time it was just him. He came alone.

So what can Realtors do to try to stay safe?”. The article goes on to say.  “We spoke with Danielle Cullip with Silver Hawk Realty to find out how they’re trained.

“Everyone does it it every day,” said Cullip. “We go out and we’re out to show a home and we’re ready to sell. It’s all about that instinct.”

Oftentimes, Realtors are alone with a prospective buyer in an empty house, making them vulnerable.

“You really don’t know these people,” said Deputy Chief Tracy Basterrechea with the Meridian Police Department. “You know them on a very limited basis when they’re showing you their best behavior. They’re potential buyers they want to show you they’re good people.”

Obviously this is a horrible case of what can happen to Realtors on the job. There are ways to protect yourself, however including getting the clients information, telling someone where you are and using the LOIS Safety App.

Hopefully this awareness will spread and Realtors everywhere will become safer on the job as a result!

Date Rape Drugs: How to Protect Yourself!

Date Rape Drugs: How to Protect Yourself!

The issues of sexual assault and date rape are serious. Date rape is common on college campuses. It is present in the dating scene and also in everyday life. Date rape is the same as a rape that occurs with a stranger. The impact on the victim is the same. In fact in some cases it might be worse. On some level they trusted this person. It’s an unfortunate fact of life… Some people desire to pray on others. However, there are ways to keep this from happening to you!

While it may be impossible to eliminate date rape completely, there are solutions and proactive tools out there that can help mitigate this risk. One of these tools is called Undercover Colors, a nail polish that changes color when placed in a drink with a date rape drug! How great is that?! Their website describes the product. They state the following:

“wearable nail tech that identifies the presence of common date rape drugs in a variety of beverages through color change”.

Also, the company states the problem:

 “One in 6 women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime. This unthinkable problem has reached epidemic levels on college campuses”. 

Undercover Colors is providing a unique answer to this problem.

And the solution is:

“The only perfect solution to drug induced sexual assault is ending it altogether. As we all work toward that ideal, Undercover Colors’ technology provides wearable protection at your fingertips. Simply dip your finger into a verified beverage and within seconds the presence of prevalent date rape drugs will be identified in color change”.

At this time, Undercover Colors is in the development stage of their product. Hopefully this modern technology will be available for everyone very soon! In the meantime, situational awareness is key! Don’t allow anyone to buy you a drink. Don’t leave your drink unattended.  Also, if you feel unsafe, contact the bar manager or bartender immediately. Your life may depend on it!

In addition, the LOIS Safety System blog is dedicated to educating the public. We are passionate about education on safety issues and topics. Our goal is to make the world a safer place for everyone!


Empowering Women! Protecting Against Assault

Details of assaults on women are making news every day.  We read about joggers taking a daily run, girls going to a frat party or out for a drink with friends, working professionals meeting customers or clients. These all seemingly innocent situations.  But then something unexpected happens. Empowering women to deal with these situations has become very important.

Empowering women

Following these reports there is frustration and outrage.  Along with such emotions, there may be a more subtle tendency to blame the victim.  How could she have been so unaware of her surroundings?  Why didn’t she sense the presence of danger until it was too late?  These reactions are all natural responses when people feel helpless in dealing with unpredictable threats.

Empowering women to be proactive in confronting this problem is a challenge.  None of us like to imagine ourselves as potential victims.  However, the only way to increase security is by admitting vulnerability, and raising awareness.  This is the kind of empowerment that encourages women to develop situational awareness, and to do everything possible to promote their own well being.

It starts with the most obvious list of “don’ts”. Don’t meet a stranger in a remote area. Don’t walk alone after dark.  If warnings were effective, we would eliminate some dangers.  Sadly, these warnings and many others like them are often not effective. They fail to encourage the kind of intentional behavior that tells us what to DO, as opposed to what not to do.  We all need to think more creatively and take an approach that anticipates trouble before the fact.

A personal safety app like LOIS supports the idea that women are responsible for their own safety.  However, the LOIS concept bolsters this, making safety a norm with a longer reach, into the greater community.  This re-imagined approach helps to promote safety by utilizing community contacts. That is, organizations and individuals who have a real stake in the outcome.  Users  are backed up by a whole community of other interested parties, all of whom support the effort through active participation.  In this way, empowerment is not just a catchy phrase or a vain hope, but a concept that has legs!

Realtor Assault Continues

By Penelope Piantedosi

As realtor assaults continue, we all agree that a workplace safe from intruders should be the norm.  Everyone knows that employees are entitled to a reasonable expectation of safety on the job.  The typical activities involved in earning a living should not expose us to unnecessary danger.  Sadly, the world we inhabit today does not allow us to regard personal safety as one of the perks of employment.

danger pic

A recent incident of sexual assault and attempted kidnapping reported out of Jacksonville, FL, is a vivid reminder of such an unfortunate reality.  A female sales associate of Watson Realty, tending the front desk of her office, was confronted at knife point, assaulted and subsequently forced to drive to an ATM machine to withdraw money from her account.  Such crimes are all too common in a variety of common work and recreational activities.  Real estate agents, due to their frequent and unguarded exposure to  the public, are particularly vulnerable.  The hazards of meeting potential clients in undisclosed locations, for unspecified time periods & without adequate backup measures in place, presents an open door for predatory behavior.  However, in this example, the victim was simply sitting in a familiar office, where she had every reason to expect that business would be conducted as usual – free from threat to her person.

As Realtor Safety Month approaches, it is high time for our industry to take an active role in promoting awareness of these problems and providing solutions that are designed to meet the peculiar needs of their employees.  Continuing education is a prerequisite to meeting this need, but, in addition, there is now available a practical software application with a hands-on formula to complement these efforts in a way that has never been tried before!  The LOIS safety system is an ideal component of this effort to assist agents in protecting themselves. Avery Piantedosi, Founder and CEO of LOIS states “It’s time for the real estate community to adopt a ‘best practice’ in the area of safety for Realtors. This has been an ongoing issue with no proactive solution. LOIS hopes to be a significant part of that solution”.

Let’s hope that becomes a reality very soon.

Please click this link for the full article and video on the story: Fox 30 News Story